Why IT Cyber Security Matters More Than Ever During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Melbourne

Why IT Cyber Security Matters More Than Ever During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Melbourne

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on economic and social systems, a new threat is looming in the digital space-the rise of cyberattacks.

Even before the virus outbreak, cybersecurity was fast becoming a concern for large organisations. Due to our increased reliance on technology during this time, cybersecurity has become an even more pertinent concern.

Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centre has reported a spike in phishing attacks and malicious spam and ransomware attacks in the last few months..

These attacks capitalise on the misinformation surrounding COVID-19 and impersonate brands to defraud customers and employees.

It’s not just end-users who are getting attacked, business servers and IT frameworks are also being targeted.

In May, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) sent out a nationwide alert in response to the increasing number of attacks on hospitals and other critical infrastructure providers across the country. 

For organisations that are looking to manage remote operations effectively, the need for enhanced cyber security has never been greater. Here’s why:

1. Increased dependency on digital infrastructure

With more companies in Melbourne asking employees to work-from-home every day, the need for digital communication technologies has grown exponentially.

Remote workers need adequate access and support to perform efficiently, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise your systems’ security.

Many unprotected personal devices, including smartphones, can access company information now, which makes it easier for hackers to break into your system.

Protecting data and physical assets has never been more important; luckily a reliable IT support provider can help set up the safeguards you need.

2. Cybercrime thrives on fear and uncertainty

Cyber criminals prey on human weakness and fear to uncover sensitive information. With all the uncertainty and misinformation surrounding COVID-19, many hackers have devised creative methods to scam people online.

For example, a recent cyberattack involved a malware embedded in a map displaying coronavirus statistics.

On the front end, the map was from a legitimate online source,but in the background, it was running malicious software that allowed hackers to uncover saved passwords.

3. More opportunity to engage in risky online behaviour

It’s no surprise that with lockdown measures in place, more users are spending time online. Social exchanges have been largely confined to the digital space, making it much easier to engage in risky online behaviour.

Users often fall for “free” pirated websites or browse over unsecured networks, which can lead to malware infiltrating their systems.

This not only puts the user at risk, but also organisations, especially if employees are using the same devices to access company servers.

Secure Your Online Operations Today

If your organisation is looking to secure its online operations and prevent cyberattacks, we can help.

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Our wide range of services includes IT cyber security, business VoIP services and cloud deployment.

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