Why All Businesses Should Invest in Cyber Security

Why All Businesses Should Invest in Cyber Security

As we enter 2021, cybersecurity is the most pervasive threat to modern businesses in Aussieland. The Australian Cyber Security Centre receives one cybercrime report every 10 minutes.

So, it’s no surprise that protecting your business has become more critical than ever. If you don’t think your business needs to strengthen its online security, we’d ask you to reconsider. Here’s why all businesses should invest in cybersecurity:

Data protection

Every organisation has sensitive data stored in a digitalised form that requires protection. Keeping confidential information safeguarded from hackers and cyber criminals is crucial to the success of any business.

A proactive approach to cybersecurity can help mitigate online threats and protect the integrity of business data. Shifting to cloud servers is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your business’s cybersecurity. 

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Productivity and uptime

According to research, downtime can cost Aussie businesses $762,000 on average per incident. Small businesses lose roughly $2,000 per hour due to outages. A single ransomware or DDoS attack on a network can disrupt business operations for hours, leading to a loss of productivity.

Investing in cybersecurity can potentially save you thousands of dollars by safeguarding your system against these threats and ensure maximum uptime.

Financial protection

A robust cybersecurity plan always includes data encryption and backup. The encrypted data remains inaccessible to unauthorised users, so in case hackers penetrate security and steal information, they can’t access sensitive information.

It provides financial protection by preventing the misuse of confidential information. Furthermore, it also helps strengthen clients’ confidence, expand revenue potential, and gain a competitive advantage.

Meet regulations

Hackers attempt to target sensitive data by infecting the system with malware, DDoS attacks, and any other virus. Therefore, Australian businesses that are handling consumer data and confidential records must follow cybersecurity laws and regulations, including sector-specific standards.

A robust cybersecurity plan is necessary to remain compliant with these laws and avoid exposure to potential financial claims.

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