Purchasing File Encryption Software: A Checklist

Purchasing File Encryption Software: A Checklist

Organisations are responsible for protecting the data they collect from their business partners, colleagues, and customers.

One of the best ways to do so is with file encryption software. File encryption software provides a simple solution for keeping data safe, whether it is being used or not.

It employs complex algorithms to code your content so if a hacker gains access to it, they won’t be able to use it. With encryption software, only the people who have the encryption key can access the files.

But how do you shop for file encryption software? You can start with the following considerations:

Is It Compatible With Your Encryption Standards?

Businesses can choose from different file encryption standards to find one that best suits their organisation. There are a few regulations and requirements that are considered best practices in the data encryption industry.

As the owner of a business, you need to check which data protection laws apply to your firm to understand what criteria the encryption standard needs to fulfil.

You also need to decide whether the file transfer method will be encrypted or if the files themselves need to be encrypted. In either case, the software should employ the newest protocols and ciphers.

Can It Handle Your Data Size Requirements?

If you regularly work with large files or sets of data, you need to ensure that your encryption software is capable of managing this amount of data.

Moreover, the software should be scalable for large loads of data, have high visibility, file compression, and batch file automation to make the process easier.

Does It Complement Your Data Transfer Process?

Does your business transfer files using email, FTP, HTTP, or another method? Your chosen data encryption software should support this process and encrypt data as needed.

You can also check if your encryption software guarantees file transfers through connection retries, integrity checks and auto-resume.

If your organisation regularly shares folder access, sends files on emails, or uses forms to upload data, you need to consider more secure options.

Does It Work On Your Platform?

Most file encryption software is compatible with popular on-premises and cloud platforms, but before buying, you need to double-check if your chosen software does too.

Moreover, it should run on your business partners’ platforms as well.

Businesses can choose VIXTRO for all their cyber-security needs. Whatever you and your trading partners need for encryption, we ensure that your file transfers are safer with us. Get in touch today to learn from our cybersecurity consultants in Melbourne.

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