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Ransomware – Anatomy of an Attack

Cyber Security is Social and Technicaldo you have a Cyber Awareness Program?

After 12 months of monitoring customer data being sold on the dark web, our cyber security consultant found a 5-year history of over 6000 breached records. Some records revealed clear text username and passwords, of which many were still being used. Before opting for our IT cyber security service, our Melbourne-based client’s exchange accounts were being hijacked, access to sensitive data could have been accessed, and there was a lack of awareness of security by over 2000 users.

Security can often be seen as a reactive approach after a company has lost data, customers identities, business trust or reputation. We are here to proactively work with your business to put a security framework in place and work on enhancing the security culture of the business.

VIXTRO has the ability to inform your organisation with historical and ongoing information being sold that could help prevent a breach of your companies data.

Phishing email training with local content can be sent to staff as an ongoing training and awareness to staff around cyber security dangers along with providing business leaders with reports on the health of cyber awareness in their company.

Aligning Business to the Essential 8 Cyber Security Framework it will move a business towards protecting not just data but people’s identity. Security for a business is a lot more than just a network firewall and we have the products, services and knowledge to proactively protecting your business.

A common trend is the use of FREE VPN Services which could be capturing your data, your internet activity, providing your computer with malware and redirecting internet traffic.

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