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Business VoIP & Internet

Business VOIP

Utilities are the necessities to function as a business in water and in 1880 the introduction of power.

In 2020 reliable Internet and communication systems are becoming the modern utility, without them business will quickly loose contact with customers and clients.

VIXTRO offer a VoIP solution across Melbourne CBD, for which you don’t need to pay an additional cost to have a phone on your desk, computer and phone to give you access to your work phone 24/7, anytime, anywhere.

The biggest enablement for business with 5-250 handsets is a cost effective solution with easy to use enterprise features.

Enterprise features allows companies to provide a quick and affective front-line digital receptionist, allowing your customer to quickly reach sales, finance or support teams in seconds.

We can provide ques of staff in each area of your business and allow you to choose how to keep your clients and staff happy.

Imagine your next customers is given an option for you to call them back or provide them information as they become closer to someone picking up the phone.

Your customers will be impressed when your business has a professional point of contact that values their time.

Traditional phone systems were onsite, where we host the system in a local cloud allowing monitoring, reliability, ongoing updates and flexibility.

We will only use Australian datacentres to ensure the highest quality and reliability of your phone system. IP Phone Lines are connected directly with Australian hosted systems providing high quality voice lines to avoid issues such as echoing, delays, muffled voice or worse “dropouts” which can cause no end of frustration to your callers.

If you’re investing in local staff as we do, you need to ensure that you invest in quality voice systems for your customers.

Enterprise-grade phone system
Auto-attendants, call routing, transfers, custom greetings, after-hours, CRM Integration, Call Flow Designer, Hot Desking, High Definition Audio on all handsets and more+

Conference calling built-in
Web Conference Dial-in, Easy Web Conferencing with Screen Share, Remote Assist & Recording, Create Polls. Conference room phones connect just like a desk phone in your office.

Industry compliance, quality control
Call recording transcription, search, start/stop feature, Group recordings, Realtime statistics & monitoring.

Website Integration
Click-to-talk, Click-to-meet, website live chat and talk.

Desk Handset, Laptop Softphone, Mobile App
High-quality calls and customer experiences while working anywhere from any device.

Feature rich, simple to manage
Advanced features made simple allowing staff to customise their own settings.

Simple, fast, effective
Quick setup, minimal user training, fast adoption, cloud managed, upgrades are included and performed without taking you offline.

Video Collaboration Systems

75% of high-growth businesses are using video-enabled collaboration solutions.

Techaisle study

VIXTRO has a number of video conferencing and video collaboration solutions that can enable a business to connect between multiple offices and customers using video, whiteboard, presentation and filesharing functionality.

The solution is plug and play with the initial setup taking place in minutes. A demo for your business can be organised by contacting us today.


Digital business demands are something we look at holistically. A fast link is great but what’s even better is to know that your business will function giving a high level of staff satisfaction and satisfaction of your customers. Digital transformation while aligning with best practice IT security framework is part of how we can work with your business.

To run a reliable business, it is important that Data to your business is reliable and can meet the demands of voice, video and business application such as Voice, Video, email, backup and more+

VIXTRO offers customised business data/internet solutions bringing high speed 1GbE links to offices for as low as $800.00 a month. We are NBN Business Advisors and can work with NBN around business that have multiple sites around Australia. VIXTRO acts as your frontline support at times in need taking the frustrations of technology away, allowing business to focus on business.

Fast and reliable remote access with our advanced tools. Unattended or attended access.

Remote Support

Simple and easy ticket logging either directly through Email or Client Access Portal.

Help Desk

Highly skilled technicians who can be onsite to assist with all your technology needs.

Onsite Support