Business VoIP & Internet

A cost effective solution that’s fast and efficient

Business VOIP and Internet

VIXTRO offers an integrated VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution across Melbourne CBD.

By removing the cost that normally comes each additional work phone and computer, VoIP is a cost-effective solution with easy-to-use features for any business size. Quickly reach your desired point of contact in a matter of seconds, allowing seamless communication across all levels of your organizations (admin, sales, support, finance, etc.)

The advantage of VoIP is that it’s hosted locally in the Cloud, ensuring seamless monitoring, reliability, and overall flexibility. Our IP Phone Lines are connected directly with Australian hosted systems to ensure high quality and crisp voice lines that eliminates echoing, delays, muffled voices, dropouts, and more.

Our Managed Services covers you for

Enterprise-grade phone system

Auto-attendants, call routing, transfers, custom greetings, after-hours, call ques, call-center features, CRM integration, call flow designer, hot desking, high-definition audio on all handsets and more.

Built-in conference calling

Web conference dial-in, easy web conferencing with screen share, remote assist & recording, create polls.

Industry compliance, quality control

Call recording transcription, search, start/stop features, group recordings, real-time statistics & monitoring and reporting.

Website Integration

Click-to-talk, click-to-meet, website live chat and talk.

Desk Handset, Laptop Softphone, Mobile App

High-quality calls and customer experiences while working anywhere from any device.

Multiple features, simple to manage

Advanced features made simple allowing staff to customise their own settings.

Simple, fast, effective

Quick setup, minimal user training, fast adoption, cloud managed (updates include)

Microsoft Teams Integration

Our cutting-edge Unified Communications as a Services (UCaaS) solution offers the best fully-featured phone system with seamless integration into the world largest collaboration systems Microsoft Teams.  Reduce costs while enabling a feature rich, easy to manage solution.

Video Collaboration Systems

75% of high-growth businesses are using video-enabled collaboration solutions.

VIXTRO has a number of video conferencing and video collaboration solutions that will enable your business to connect between multiple offices and customers using video, whiteboard, presentation and filesharing functionalities.

The solution is completely plug-and-play with the initial setup taking only minutes. Want to see how it could help your business? Contact us today!

Harness the Power of the Internet

We take a holistic approach to your digital business needs. For any successful business, simply serving customers offline/locally is no longer efficient. It needs the internet to reach your customers both locally and internationally in the fastest way possible. Fortunately, VIXTRO’s harnesses the internet in way that allows your business to truly transform – with a robust IT framework that’s secure, quick, and efficient.

VIXTRO offers affordable business data/internet solutions, providing high speed 1GbE links to offices of all kinds. We are also NBN Business Advisors and partner with NBN to work with businesses that have unique requirements such as multiple sites across Australia. More than that, VIXTRO acts as your “frontline support” by removing the frustrations that come with technology, so you can focus your attention on your business and truly scale in fastest way possible.

Supportive Customer Community

Our customers are our family. It’s who shapes VIXTRO to who and where we are today. That’s why it’s our mission to make the customer experience our first priority, by providing all of our clients with a world-class IT support team that’s welcoming and an effective problem solver across every encounter.

Our existing customers also have many valuable insights to share as well, which is why you’ll be joining a supportive community of like-minded professionals who want to see you succeed.

It does not matter the size of your business, we can tailor a solution to suit your business and your budget.

Why Choose Vixtro?

Advanced Security Management
Flexible Services
Effective Service Level Agreements
Over 50+ Years of Combined Experience
Over 50+ Years of Combined Experience
Reduce Risk & Improve Reliability
Tailored Solutions to any Business
24/7 Monitoring
Remote Support
Fast and reliable remote access with our advanced tools. Unattended or attended access.
Help Desk
Simple and easy ticket logging either directly through Email or Client Access Portal.
Onsite Support
Highly skilled technicians who can be onsite to assist with all your technology needs.

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