How Schools and Universities Can Benefit from VoIP Solutions

How Schools and Universities Can Benefit from VoIP Solutions

Individuals and businesses all over Australia have embraced VoIP solutions for the many benefits they have to offer. Apart from substantial cost savings that come with moving away from tolled PTSN networks, users also enjoy enhanced customer service and streamlined operational processes.

With more educational institutes opting for online classes, one question we’ve seen come up regularly is: Can VoIP solutions work in the education environment?

The answer is a resounding yes—and it’s not just limited to schools and universities. Any multi-site setup can reap the benefits of VoIP. Let’s take a look at different VoIP functions in detail and how they can benefit your educational institute.

Simplified Call Management

As enrolment goes up, most educational establishments are looking to manage the frantic activity at the start of each semester.

As new and existing students rush to enroll in courses, administrators often have trouble managing requests, processing information, and answering queries promptly. VoIP can help in several ways:

  • Incoming calls can be assigned directly to specific departments and employees, so they don’t have to go through several rounds of call transfer.
  • IVR systems can help manage simple requests such as sending forms to an email address
  • Mobile smartphones can become a phone extension with supporting SIP technology. This means that staff on campus can always be reached even if they’re not at their workstations.

Easy Collaboration

E-learning has become closely linked to social media platforms today. Teachers and students often make WhatsApp group chats or Facebook groups dedicated to classroom discussions. Even when on one campus, students avoid meeting each other in person because campus grounds can be quite huge.

Using a VoIP link to video conference using their desktop is a great way to collaborate quickly and effectively. Teachers can also use this tool when taking online classes.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Campus safety and security has become a major concern for many institutions. With VoIP and SIP linked over a Wi-Fi network, staff and students can quickly get assistance by using an emergency number on their phones. This can help campuses become safer for students and all academic and non-academic staff.

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