How Proficient IT Consultants Can Drive Your Business Growth

How Proficient IT Consultants Can Drive Your Business Growth

Businesses in 2020 are looking at essential IT solutions more than ever. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many organizations to take their operations online, the faults in company IT systems are forced into the spotlight.

It’s situations like these that remind business owners that IT is not an area that they want to skimp on.

The best part is that there are some very affordable and accessible ways to optimize online workflows that you probably haven’t thought of.

Let’s break down these areas of improvement!

Better Internal Communications

A lot of companies are dealing with legacy email platforms that are no longer supported by their software companies.

Now that meetings, tasks, and communication have to happen online, the flaws in these outdated platforms are causing hurdles for employees every day.

By performing email migration to a platform like Microsoft 365,which is built for office communication, you can optimize your internal communication and conduct your business operations more efficiently. 

Essential Information Backup and Recovery Solutions

Failure of storage systems can occur due to natural disasters, unavoidable human error, or faults in the software.

A situation where businesses lose their data is a disaster because not only is your client data compromised, but you’re also being set back by months.

Prevent causing a considerable loss with a tailored backup and recovery protocol that a professional IT consulting service can set up for you.

Cyber Security Ensured

Cyber threats are an increased risk of doing business online. While you can’t avoid turning to the online sphere for business communication and workflow, you can invest in cybersecurity instead. 

Phishing, malware, ransomware, distributed denial of services, and algorithm manipulation are all ways that malicious parties can attempt to disrupt your systems or obtain your data.

IT consultants can create a cyber-security plan that prevents these attacks from being successful. 

Customized Workflow Apps

Many companies are organizing their workflow and task assignments online to keep an updated check on how work is progressing.

If you don’t have a workflow app or if the one your business uses is outdated, you should consider having an IT service build you a customized workflow app.

By creating a smooth platform for your employees to work with, you’re fundamentally overhauling the way your company works.

This means faster processing, clearer communication, and consistent updates on projects and other tasks.

Harness the power of advanced tech for your business! At VIXTRO, we provide premier IT services for small and medium businesses in Melbourne, Australia, at affordable rates.

Contact us today to get started on updated business tech that can help your company grow. 

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