Business VoIP Unified Communications: Why Your Organisation Needs to Switch from the Old Telephone

Business VoIP Unified Communications: Why Your Organisation Needs to Switch from the Old Telephone

The internet has become integral to both our personal and professional lives; accomplishing things without its help can seem almost alien.

Businesses have had to reorient their systems from the ground up as the internet ushered in revolutionary innovations like e-commerce, software-as-a-service, search engines, and more.

Perhaps more fundamentally, the internet has changed the way we communicate and interact with each other.

For businesses, this means that they can no longer choose whether or not to switch to a digital-based communication model.

Several businesses have already made the switch from their legacy phone systems to a unified VoIP communication system. Here’s why you should consider it too.

The Benefits of a VoIP Unified Communication System

Here are some of the many benefits that a VoIP Unified Communication system can provide a business.


For organisations that need to make both national and international long-distance calls, a VoIP Unified Communication system is ideal because it helps to save on costs.

Legacy phone systems incur toll charges that can make office-to-office and other call costs extremely expensive.

What’s more,both the speed of the communication system and the amount of data that can be carried on legacy phones tend to be capped.

Because a VoIP Unified Communications system carries all calls over the internet, it may eliminate toll charges completely while providing flexibility to remote workers.

Automated Voice Flow

A VoIP Unified Communication system eliminates the need to hire operators because they use voice or menu-based digital receptionists to manage customer call requests.

If a customer’s request is somewhat complex, it can automatically be transferred to a human operator.

Business Reporting

A VoIP Unified Communication system is aligned to business goals.  What was only available to large call centres is now at the fingertips of small to medium size business owners and team managers. 

Live team dashboards, reports on customer calls, dropped calls, wait times and other metrics are just some of the features businesses can use to better understand their customers’ experience.

Increased Accessibility

Doing away with your legacy phone system means that your employees will no longer be tied to a physical phone connected in one place.

A VoIP Unified Communications system allows employees to use their smart devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, to make both internal and external calls.

Improved Security

A VoIP Unified Communication system provides users with access through a profile that’s locked with a password.

Voice traffic is encrypted to ensure that your communications are safe;on many systems out there this may not be the case. A VoIP system also allows you to restrict the types of calls your employees can make.


As VoIP Unified Communication systems are running over the network, custom integrations into other business systems through API are possible.

It has never been easier to sync contact directories, CRM and other third-party business applications.

As a leading IT consulting company in Melbourne, VIXTRO provides excellent business VoIP Unified Communication services for small and medium business (SMB).

We only utilise Australian data centres to ensure the highest quality and reliability for your communications system.

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