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3 Key Reasons Why Every Company Needs Strong IT Support In the Wake of COVID-19

For most small and large organizations, traditional resilience planning was not enough to manage the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent events have changed working practices, dramatically altering the business landscape on a global scale. With mass disruptions in the global supply chain and a growing remote workforce, companies are struggling to maintain efficient operations. […]

4 Ways the Financial Services Industry Can Benefit From Cutting-Edge IT Support

The financial services industry is no exception to the digital transformations that are sweeping across every industry. And this isn’t surprising, especially as the need for secure, compliant and efficient services continues to grow. A strong IT foundation can pave the way for innovation and improved customer experience. In the last few decades, information technology […]

Backup vs Backup and Disaster Recovery BDR

Having backups is an excellent idea, you should always have backups of your business data, but backups and disaster recovery are not the same. Disaster recovery is what you do with your backups how long it takes to recover and what is the procedure to get your business back up and running without to much […]

What ransomware is and how to protect

Ransomware, if you have been hit with it, you know already the amount of damage it can have on your entire network or computer. What Ransomware does, holds your PC for ransom. Basically, it encrypts all your files so that you cannot open them without a decryption key. Usually, the computer will modify the background […]

Slow sluggish computer, here’s some tips.

When you first got your computer it ran like a dream, everything was smooth and opened quickly several months later you’re pulling your hair out waiting for word to open or saving a document just seems to take forever.  One of the most common scenarios is that you go make a coffee while your computer […]