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How Does An End-To-End Solution Benefit Your Business?

When it comes to choosing an appropriate software solution, some business owners might find it challenging to keep up with the key things needed to determine what they’re going to need versus what they should avoid. However, this decision represents an important crossroad as well as financial outlay for businesses looking to support their growth. […]

Improve Your End-To-End Process with These Quick Tips

Wouldn’t it be one big party if we were to find a software solution that actively manages accounting, processing, management, reporting, and everything else that requires attention? An end-to-end process establishes a system or service from scratch to deliver a functional end-to-end solution without requiring third-party assistance to continue operations. However, a business improvement cycle […]

What An IT Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan Should Look Like

Businesses worldwide are relying more on electronic data and emerging technologies for their daily operations. Employees use VoIP services and email to communicate, and EDIs transmit data, including payments and orders. Servers work continuously to process and store large amounts of information. But what if the technologies stop working? Whether it’s from an accidental disaster […]

Securing Your Network: What Are You Up Against?

In 2019, over 811 million malware infections were reported, according to the Cyber Security Report. Cybercrime has increased up to 620% during the COVID-19 pandemic, with phishing emails being the most popular way to deliver malware infections. Another report by the Internet Security Threat unveiled that more than 244 million new variants of malware infections […]

Why Partner With VIXTRO For Managed IT Services

The uncertain economic landscape worldwide has probed many businesses to look for ways to streamline their IT operations while offering innovations without exceeding their current budget. An excellent way to achieve this is by partnering with a reliable MSP or Managed Service provider. MSPs typically have the experience and knowledge needed to deliver a wide […]

Working From Home? Signs You Must Upgrade to Business Grade Internet

Network speed significantly affects an organisation’s ability to remain competitive, productive, and profitable at all times. In today’s world, unprecedented circumstances have forced businesses across the world to shift to a new work-from-home reality.Employees working remotely need to use VPNs to access secure data. There’s also a dramatic increase in video conferences, both of which […]

Top 3 Targets for Cybercriminals in 2021

It’s no secret that cybercriminals are taking over the business community and threatening flourishing industries as fast as technology is transforming the digital world. Businesses in law, finance, education, and other sectors are constantly on the lookout for internal perpetrators and external cybercriminals. While having a robust IT infrastructure is the foundation of good cybersecurity, […]

Purchasing File Encryption Software: A Checklist

Organisations are responsible for protecting the data they collect from their business partners, colleagues, and customers. One of the best ways to do so is with file encryption software. File encryption software provides a simple solution for keeping data safe, whether it is being used or not. It employs complex algorithms to code your content […]